Your Power to Decide

Universal TrustScore based on POR (Proof of Reputation).
Easy to Track, Easier to Decide

The Universal Score that helps you Decide

TrustScore is a Universal Score indicating an individual's trustability based on historical transactions stored in Proof of Reputation based Smart Contracts, unlocking enhanced decision making.

Proof of Reputation

The Decentralized Ledger of Reputation

Proof of Reputation: A series of interconnected Smart Contracts, enabling Trustscore being computed and stored on Blockchain to avoid any biases or fraudulent activity around calculation of user's performance for the specific set of transactions.

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Koinfox Telegram

Empowering Investment Decisions

For Signal Operators

Rating of Signal Operators based on POR
  • Indicates Signal provider's Performance based on historical signal data
  • Score indicates success ratio of signals based on various parameters
  • Useful for a Trader to decide on Trading with the Signal operator
  • Helps Signal Providers to onboard new users with more confidence

For Funds/Portfolio Managers

Performance of Fund/Portfolio Managers based on POR
  • Indicates returns and success ratio based on historical trade data
  • Useful for an Investor to Invest with the respective Fund/Portfolio Manager
  • Helps Funds/Portfolio Managers to onboard new investors with confidence

For Lending Platforms

Credit Rating of Individuals based on POR
  • Indicates Credibility of the Individuals based on his past borrowing and return transactions
  • A good Trustscore helps in borrowing on various deFi platforms
  • Allow deFi platforms to enable new business models for lending

Why use TrustScore for your Crypto Business

Universal Trading Score
Blockchain Based Reputation Provenance
Trusted by the Crypto Industry
Expand and Acquire Users

See TrustScore in action

When in Doubt, Look for the Trustscore

The KF TrustScore is used by major Signal Operators globally to bring a transparent and universally credible reputation system for crypto traders to easily evaluate and take decisions.

It's your guide to fair and better decisions.